The hypnotic thrashers

And finally I got this demo in my hands again, this time all the way from Greece. Thanks for a smooth deal, Kostaras.

The hunger for Carnage

Today Carnage arrived with all its beauty and glory. I remember seeing the cover of this album back in the early 90's thinking "Man, this is some serious shit", and that's when I discovered the visual obscurities of Death Metal. Shortly after this I got my hands on the Excretion "The dream of blood" demo, and that was my first audial encounter with Death Metal, and all changed! Thanks for the deal, Ahlgren.

The holy two

Today was a good day, just like Ice Cube proclaimed in the song with the same title - But because of a hell lot of different reasons. Below are some pictures of my reasons. Thanks for being great to deal with Jensa and Danne.

Nostalgia hits the mailbox

Today I got this old shirt in the mail, and it reeks of nostalgia. Back when MTV actually delivered music and not a dozen of depraved teenage tv-shows about being whores and douchebags. I bet most of you watched both Headbangers ball and Into the pit. Right?
Thanks for a smooth deal, Tordan.

The serpent and the sickly obsessed

Two more death oozing packages arrived today. Smooth and reliable as always, Mr. Ögren. Same goes to Mr Nyman.

Norrland reigns supreme

So I finally got this old jewel in my postbox today.
Thanks for yet another smooth deal, Mr. Ögren.

Swedish madness

Got myself a package with some shirts of Swedish Black Metal bands today.
Svartsyn, Watain, Dödfödd and Ondskapt. Thanks for a fast and smooth deal, Herr Schweizer.